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REF 2021 Submission

The University of Suffolk’s submission for REF 2021 was led by Professor Emma Bond, Director of Research.  The outcomes from the submission will be published in April 2022. All staff who met the REF2021 definitions of having significant responsibility for research and being an independent researcher had to be submitted to REF2021.  At the University of Suffolk the Suffolk Academic Model defines these staff as Category A staff.

As set out in the ‘Guidance on submissions’, HEIs will normally submit all eligible staff they employ with significant responsibility for research, organised into submitting units as appropriate to the research structures within that HEI.  They may exceptionally, and only with prior permission from the REF director, request an exception from submission for very small units.  The university of Suffolk was granted exception from submission in eight UoAs.  Although a relatively new university, we have quickly established a track record for excellence in social policy and social work research across a number of specialist areas. We submitted fifteen staff to one unit of assessment – UOA 20 Social Work and Social Policy.