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Recommended and Accredited Accommodation

19 Mar 2018 9:00AM


The Infozone can provide you with information about recommended and accredited accommodation throughout your studies with us. The accommodation is furnished and inclusive of utility bills and broadband access (unless otherwise stated); some properties offer ensuite bathrooms, whilst some provide shared bathrooms.

If you would like some more information about accommodation, you can request it by following the most appropriate link below:

  • For more information about on-campus and off-campus accommodation in Ipswich, please click the links above to see our recommendations.  Request the password for Suffolk Studentpad from
  • Students studying at the West Suffolk College campus in Bury St Edmunds can see Suffolk Studentpad for accredited off-campus accommodation. Request the password for Suffolk Studentpad from
  • NHS students requiring accommodation at placement sites should contact the hospital’s accommodation officer direct. You can find their contact details by clicking here.

Each year a few students who book accommodation experience a change of circumstances and wish to be released early from their tenancy agreement. These students are required to find a suitable person to take over the remainder of their tenancy agreement before they can be released.  If you would be interested in assisting a fellow student by taking over the remainder of their tenancy agreement please advise the landlord of the property when you contact them.

Deposits and Advanced Rent Payments

When renting accommodation, whether in Athena Hall, accredited off-campus accommodation or private accommodation, it is normal to expect to pay a deposit and advanced rent before you can move in. The exact amount required will vary depending on the individual landlord and the exact room you are booking; your landlord will be able to confirm the total due to be paid before you are entitled to move into the accommodation and when that amount will be due, once you have selected a room.

It is likely that the deposit and advanced rent will be due for payment BEFORE you receive the first instalment of student finance, therefore you should make your own arrangements to be able to make this payment when required.

You may wish to speak to your landlord to see if they will accept small regular payments leading up to the start of the tenancy to make it more manageable for you to pay, rather than one larger payment. Some students will save money from employment in the months leading up to the start of their course, or seek part-time work in order to have the required amount. You may wish to see if family or friends are able to loan you the money, on the understanding you will pay then back once you receive your first instalment of student finance. We strongly advise against the use of pay-day loans or credits cards with high interest rates.

You can find more information about recommended and accredited accommodation on our website. If you have any questions at all please contact the Infozone on 01473 338833, email or visit us in person in the Waterfront Building, Ipswich.