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The realities of relocating for university



Choosing where you go to university can be a difficult decision to make; how far do you move away from your parents, do you move away at all, where should you go? Relocating to university can seem pretty daunting and there’s a few things you should think about before moving away.

I moved from Brighton to Suffolk, which felt like a big change for me. It was really fun, but certainly something I had to get used to. Here’s a few things that you might not think about when moving away to university.


Leaving behind friends and family

When you go to university, you’re likely going to leave a lot of friends and family behind. Although this isn’t the end of the world, it’s something you’ve got to take into consideration. You won’t be able to see your friends every week or your family every day, but it’s something that you might find a bit challenging. However, it’s a chance to meet new people and make new friends. I was lucky in that I knew a lot of people living in Ipswich before I came here, so there was always someone I could turn to. 

Don’t let it put you off and remember you will always have the chance to go home if you need to. FaceTime and Skype are also great for keeping in touch with your loved ones while you're away from home.

The independence

University is suddenly a time when you have so much independence and you learn a lot. Cooking, laundry, cleaning is suddenly tasks you have to do, and it makes you grow up a lot. Although it sounds boring, it comes with perks. You’ll find your parents treat you more like an adult and it’s the first step to properly moving out, so enjoy your newfound freedom!

Exploring somewhere new

Relocating to university means that you have the chance to explore a completely new area. You can discover local secrets over the three years you’re away and use your free time to get to know the area you live in.

Go for days out, explore the local food scene, take trips with your flatmates to explore your new county. Who knows, you might even stay there after your degree.

A fresh start

Think of university as a fresh start. You'll meet new people and can get involved in new things and hobbies. Relocating to a new place gives you the chance not only to get involved in things at university, but also in the local area.

Whether it’s a social group, volunteering, or a new job, you can enjoy a fresh start at university.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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