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The UoS team have been working hard over the last few months to get the centre ready for action. We are now fully equipped and have welcomed select visitors in preparation for the easing of lock down.

We had hoped to welcome students at the end of January but sadly this has been delayed. With the workstations deployed we a high-performance computing environment. To support the students, we are now implementing a Citrix remote desktop solution. This is a first for the university and allows full access to the workstations from anywhere.

We have also been working with specialist contractors QuietStar to renovate the acoustic suite at Adastral Park. The facilities were built by BT for research and development testing of telephony equipment including sound quality testing for home phones. The facility includes a large and a small anechoic chamber, as well as a reverb chamber.

The Anechoic chamber has foam wedges on all surfaces which absorb sound, so there is no reflected sound, it is a very weird experience to stand inside. The reverb chamber is the opposite, the walls are hard and designed to perpetuate the reflection sound

Following refurbishment, the full anechoic chamber was independently tested, and it was shown to have a cut-off frequency of 80Hz and a background noise level of 7dBA: suitable for sound power level measurements, free-field sound field audiometry and hearing protector testing.

Lastly, I am pleased to say that work on re-modelling the space for the cyber suite starts on 1st February. This is a 12-week fit-out and will provide a dedicated space for the Cyber and Digital Forensics labs. More on that next time.

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