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Re-focusing during the day


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I find that Mondays are a really long day for me. I start off bright and ready at work and then have lectures throughout the day until 5pm. Around midday, I manage to get into a bit of a slump and become really unproductive. Recently, I’ve thought of some ways to re-focus myself during the day to stop my mind wandering and get the most out of my lectures (after all, this is third year).

Take a walk

This is a classic, but it really works. Even if it’s just a quick 5 minutes along the waterfront, the fresh air will help you to re-focus. If you take a break from your work, this is much better than just getting your phone out. Getting up and moving around makes a huge difference to your productivity, plus it’s great for your mental health.

Get a big drink

If you feel your mind drifting during lectures or a group study, have a big drink of water. Bringing a bottle to class (not only great for the environment!) means you can take a swig every time you feel you need to re-focus.

Change your environment

Of course, you can’t do this during lectures, but while your studying, change your environment every so often. A new place will give your brain more creativity and help you to focus on the task. If you’re in lectures all day, go to a coffee shop during your break or back to your flat on a lunch break.

Do a different task

Take some time to do a different task. Rather than watch Netflix during your break, clean your room or go through your emails. Achieving a goal will give you motivation to continue in the rest of your work and stop some distractions while you’re trying to focus.


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