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Projects supported in 2017

Following the success of the Founding Supporter campaign which ran throughout the 2016/17 academic year, the University of Suffolk raised over £80,000 in philanthropic gifts and, in October 2017, were able to launch the second disbursement process.  The University opened applications for projects to support staff and students, with applications received totalling over £300,000 in requests.

The University was able to support 18 projects, 10 more than it was able to help in the first disbursement round in November 2016. The judging panel are delighted to have supported a broad range of areas and initiatives that all offer potential to make a big impact on student experience, academic research and sustainability.

The projects are:

1.    3D printed textiles - Combining textile and 3D printed elements to create couture fashion items. This project will be based at the University of Suffolk at East Coast College (Lowestoft). 

2.    Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT) equipment - used to demonstrate normal and complicated births such as breech or shoulder dystocia

3.    Supported Student Placement Scheme - Providing work experience to University of Suffolk students who are currently experiencing limited opportunities

4.    PROMPT Train the Trainer - Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training is a training package for health professionals to develop knowledge, clinical skills and team working in obstetric emergencies

5.    3D Printing Recycling and Sustainability Initiative - The purchase of four machines required to process raw recyclable plastic into plastic ready to be used again for 3D printing 

6.    Suffolk Frontrunners - 3 internships will be offered to University of Suffolk students to enhance their skills and employability. Experience will be offered in various departments.

7.    SU Societies (Membership Accelerator) - To encourage innovation and inspire students to join a new society

8.    Student Boost (Placement Survival Bags) - Providing helpful items to increase the happiness and wellbeing of our students during their placements

9.    Accommodation Reps - To promote Student Union events and services in their accommodation and enhance student experience and wellbeing.

10.  Film Society - Improve knowledge of running a successful society and the organisation of bigger and better events

11.  Neurofeedback for supporting students with learning difficulties - To trial out and research the effects of two types of neurofeedback in groups of students already diagnosed with dyslexia aiming to support their learning, concentration, attention and overall wellness.

12.  Growing, Progressing, and Raising the Bar: the University of Suffolk as the Regional Regenerative Medicine Spotlight - Subsidise research, community engagement and to continue to boost female participation in this subject area

13.  Research Blog – Facilitating Reflective and Passionate Encounters with Research - Encourages debate, the sharing of knowledge and good practice, and highlighting the latest research at University of Suffolk

14.  Supporting our Future Entrepreneurs & Innovators - Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre (IWIC) membership for two entrepreneurial students or recent graduates.  A springboard to develop and operate their business on a part-time basis with professional support. 

15.  Suffolk Bike Pump - Encouraging a sustainable mode of transport

16.  Work experience bursary scheme - To financially support students undertaking work experience

17.  Renovation of area outside Arts Building - Provide an area to promote wellbeing for students and staff

18.  Sponsorship of student athletes - Supporting excellence in sport. 


If you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose or to a specific group, please contact or call  01473 338067 to discuss your potential donation.