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CIRES Projects and Publications

Income Generating Projects from 2014

Encinas, M.  British Academy funded joint project between the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY) and University of Suffolk (UoS). The aim of the project was to establish links for international collaboration between the UK and Mexican institutions while engaging in research. The aim of the research was to pilot a board game called Our Shared Common Lands, both in the UK and Mexico. (2016-2017)

Farini F., Nightingale, N. & Joslyn E. Erasmus SHARMED Project: experiences of migrant children in schools in England, Italy and Germany (2015-2018)

Gartland, C. & Smith, C. Supporting Transition to HE for BTEC students. Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (NEACO) (2017-2018)

Gartland, C. Qualitative evaluation of the Stoke Engineering Project: Royal Academy of Engineering (2014-2018)

Gartland, C. Connecting STEM teachers evaluation: collaboration with Cambridge University exploring the impact of a national teacher CPD programme run by the Royal Academy of Engineering (2016-2020)

Gartland, C. Employer Engagement in STEM Outreach: collaboration with Bristol University and Engineering UK exploring the outreach work of engineering companies with secondary school pupils (2017-18)

Gartland, C. and Smith, C. Towards a connected approach for positive and inclusive transitions into higher education. QAA funded project. (2015)

Gartland, C. Renewable Energies and Matching Skills Projects: Royal Society of Arts (2014-2015)

Gartland, C. Connecting STEM teachers qualitative evaluation: Royal Academy of Engineering (2014)

Joslyn E. STEM Accelerator Pilot Programme. A Suffolk wide schools project funded by the DfE and managed by SCC (2015-2017)

Sinha S., Dogaru C., Auty, H., Smith, N. and Mavrommatis, M. Young people and progression in rural Suffolk: a report for the Seckford Foundation (2015-2017)

Smith, C. Doolan, C., and Nolan S. PlacementPAL (Peer Assisted Learning): a digital webapp to scaffold students’ learning and knowledgeable action in work contexts. HEFCE Catalyst A funding on innovative teaching and learning. (2016-2018)

Smith. C. The intersections between digital fluency and teaching excellence: case study-based and media-rich explorations with HE tutors. SEDA Small Grants 2016. Co-lead with Dr Simon Lygo-Baker, University of Surrey. (2016-2017)

Smith, C. Evaluating teaching development in HE: towards impact assessment. Partner in HEA funded project led by Plymouth University, including design of toolkit and pilot testing of the toolkit within my institution. (2014-15)

Smith, C. A mixed method analysis of participation in online discussion forums on the MSc in Oncoplastic Surgery (University of East Anglia’s distance learning programme for surgeons). A funded evaluation for the University of East Anglia. (2013-14)

Smith, C. Learning Diaries: a mini project as part of the Learning (lolla) Paloozahs project. Funded by the Changing the Learning Landscapes (CLL) Embedding Learning Technologies small grant call. (2013-2014)

Smith, N. & Dogaru, C. Hidden Needs in Suffolk – Five Years On. Suffolk Community Foundation (2015-2016)

Project Reports from 2014

Gartland, C. (2016) Student Ambassadors and STEM Outreach: A study of practices in the USA. Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship Report. 

Gartland C and Smith C (2015) Towards a Connected Approach for Inclusive and Positive Transitions into HE. QAA Subscriber Research project 2015.

Gartland, C. with Paczuska, A. and James, D. (2014) RSA East of England: Matching Skills (unpublished)

Gartland, C. (2014) Connecting STEM Teachers: Year 3 evaluation report (unpublished)

Gartland, C. with Paczuska, A. (2014) Stoke Engineering Project: Baseline Evaluation Report. The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Sinha S., Dogaru C., Auty, H., Smith, N. and Mavrommatis, M. (2017) Young people and progression in rural Suffolk: a report for the Seckford Foundation

Smith, C & Lygo-Baker, S (forthcoming) The interactions of teaching excellence and digital fluency: media-rich and elaborate case studies of HE tutors. SEDA research project

Smith, N. and Dogaru, C.M. (2016) Hidden Needs in Suffolk: Five years on.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Ayling, P. (2015) International Education and Social Distinction: The consumption of British private schooling by elite Nigerian parents. Doctoral Theses, British Journal of Sociology of Education, 36:2, 354-358, DOI: 10.1080/01425692.2015.1008337

Aylng, P.  ‘‘Embodying’ Britishness: The(re)making of the contemporary Nigerian Elite child’ (2015), Curriculum Inquiry, Vol. 45(5) 455-471

Ayling, P. The 3Rs: Parental Risk Management Strategies in the International Secondary Education Market (2017) Curriculum Inquiry

Boggis, A (2011) Deafening Silences; Researching with inarticulate children in Disability Studies Quarterly Vol 31 (no 4)

Boggis, A. & Dogaru, C. (2018) I didn’t know I’m an artist. Journal of Education and Social Policy

Clark, J. (forthcoming) There’s plenty more clunge in the sea: young masculinities and sexual talk, Jnl Media, Sexualisation and Society

Clark, J. and Duschinksy, R. (2018) Young Masculinities, Purity and Danger: framings of boys and girls in policy discourses of sexualisation, Sexualities, 22:7 (online early view)

Gartland, C. (2015) Student ambassadors: ‘role models’, learning practices and identities. Peer reviewed. British Journal of Sociology of Education.  36 (8) 1192-1211

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Kitagawa, K., & Encinas, M. (2014) Young people’s transitions in London and temporal orientations of agency. London Review of Education, 12(1), 77-89.


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Joslyn E. (2016) Resilience in Childhood: Perspectives, Promise and Practice. Palgrave Macmillan

Authored and Edited Books

Boggis, A. (ed) Disabled Childhoods (2018) London: Palgrave Macmillan

Castro, I. and Clark, J. (eds.) (forthcoming) Representations of Children and Agency in Popular Culture, NY: Lexington

Castro, I. and Clark, J. (eds.) (forthcoming) Where no child has gone before? Representations of children’s agency in fantasy and science fiction, NY: Emerald

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Vine, T., Clark, J., Richards, S., and Weir, D. (eds.) (2018) Ethnographic Research: Anxiety, Identity and Self, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan

Book Chapters

Ayling, P. (2016) Diversity, Equality and Rights in Early Years in Trodd, L. (Ed.) The Early Years practitioner's handbook:  An essential guide for the foundation degree and levels 4 and 5. London: Routledge

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  • Boggis, A (2016) Chapter 22 ‘ Supporting inclusive practice in the Early Years’

Boggis, A (2016) Chapter 24 ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) in the early years’