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Productive ways to spend time in lockdown



We are living in strange times at the moment and most of us are finding ourselves with excess time on our hands, which can appear as slightly overwhelming to begin with! As of writing this we have been in lockdown down for almost two weeks now, so today I want to share with you some of my favourite ways that I have been wasting time (productively) while we are in lockdown.


If you know me at all, you know that normally my first choice of activity would definitely not be exercising, but in a bid to be more healthy during this strange time I have been making sure to complete one bit of exercise every day in lockdown! There are loads of free classes online and I have been particularly enjoying participating in PE with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel, where he live streams a 30 minute workout Monday – Friday at 9am. It was initially aimed at school children but the exercises are very high energy and are accessible to everyone no matter your level of fitness! If you want a gentler exercise though I would also recommend checking out Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, who has hundreds of different yoga practises on her channel catered for all abilities, but especially her playlists for beginners are perfect who those who want to try something new.


Being an English student, naturally one of my favourite pastimes is reading a good book, but balancing everyday life and making time to read can sometimes be a challenge so I am using this spare time to read as many books from my shelves as I can!

Binge watching

Arguably this could be a counterproductive use of time, but it is also important to spend some time relaxing and rewatching an old favourite or beginning a new series! Alternatively there are lots of free educational programmes and resources to engage with online including heaps of free theatre available to watch. Organisations like the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and even Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber himself are releasing archives of their shows, plays and musicals for free online for a limited period. I have written a post about some of my top picks so be sure to check it out for more details!


Baking might be pretty inaccessible to most at the moment thanks to the lack of flour available in the shops, but it can be fun to experiment with what you are eating at this different time considering that the shelves can have varying levels of products available to us. Why not try something new and incorporate more fresh produce in your diet and make something from scratch with it. A fun way to spend time and also add some variety to your diet!


I know not everyone’s first idea of fun but I am trying to use this spare time to get ahead with my assignments that are due next month! By effectively using your time and even completing a little bit of research or reading each day, then it will be a lot easier to finish your assignments early, meaning you will have a longer summer which can hopefully be used to the fullest (as long as we all stay inside for the time being!) To make the most of the beautiful weather we are having right now, I am completing my work while sitting in my garden. An easy way to enjoy the warmth while still staying safely at home!

So those are some of my favourite ways I’ve been wasting time over the past couple of weeks! What else have you been up to? Let us know in the comments below.

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