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A preview of Creating Constable at Christchurch Mansion


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Any long time readers of the Life at Suffolk Blog will know how much I adore Christchurch Mansion and the Wolsey Art Gallery, and not just because it hosts a variety of amazing exhibitions all year long!

Their current offering is ‘Creating Constable’ which is curated by Emma Roodhouse to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Haywain, deemed as one of John Constable’s most famous works. It is also the 200th anniversary of the death of George Frost, Constable’s mentor whose work is also exhibited in the gallery.

The gallery is a wonderful space and is transformed by the different exhibitions it has housed, and Creating Constable is no exception. The dim lighting not only protects the priceless art work but offers a calmer environment, and the accompaniment of classical music transports you into the paintings, causing a personal reflection towards the beauty Constable captured right on our doorstep.

The exhibition is not only home to works by Constable, but also works from Gainsborough, who was a leading influence in Constable’s paintings, as well as other pieces from local contemporary artists exploring the impact of Constable’s legacy.

One of the most striking pieces in the exhibit is The Ascension, one of only three religious paintings by Constable which were commissioned by local churches. Usually housed in Dedham Church the painting is remarkable not only in its realism, but also in its stature, and is a wonderful addition to the installation.

Creating Constable’ is free to visit and is open until April 24th.


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