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Preparing for your first lecture


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Your first university lectures and seminars are just a couple of weeks away. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and of course, Freshers' Week, but in the days leading up, try to make a bit of time to prepare for you first lecture.

Here’s a few ways that you can do just that.

Find your way around

All the classrooms at uni have room numbers, which makes it really easy to find your way. However, try finding your classrooms before lectures start, so that you one less thing to worry about on the day.

Often, the letter at the start of your room number will indicate which building you need to be in, the first number is the floor and then the room number follows. (E.g. W4.14 = Waterfront Building, 4th floor, room number .14).

Read the module guide

Module guides should be on Brightspace and will tell you everything you need to know about your lectures. Before you start, read what assessments you will have, what reading you need to do and what will be covered in each lecture. Go in with a bit of an understanding of what you will be doing; this can go a long way.

Get everything you need

What do you like to use to take notes? I use my laptop, but some people prefer to use pen and paper. If you use your laptop, make sure it has enough battery, as some lecture theatres don’t have plug points near seats. If there’s some materials you need to bring, make sure they’re ready the night before.

Use the materials

Lecturers will often upload useful journal articles, relevant news or recommended reading onto your module area. If there’s some already, take some time to flick through these, as they're sure to come in useful.


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