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Preparing for university



Starting uni might seem like a while off, but before you know it, you’ll be in the car on your way to a new start. Wherever you’re going to university, there’s a few things you can do over the summer to prepare for your new start.


Learning new recipes

Don’t fit into the student stereotype that students can’t cook! Over the summer, learn some easy recipes if you’re new to cooking, or take a step to making something more complicated. Don’t make instant noodles the only part of your diet!

There are plenty of recipes and YouTube tutorials online, so take a look and learn something new. 

Visit your new town

You have three months of holidays before you start uni, so take a weekend or day trip to your new town. Go with your parents or friends and see what there is to offer. It will make the move much less daunting if you have the opportunity to know what to expect.

Find out the stuff you need to know, like where the train station is and the closest supermarket.

Save some money

To save yourself using the bank of mum and dad over the semester, save a bit of money over the summer. Even if you don’t need it, you can treat yourself to something during your time at uni or keep it for emergencies.

During my second year, I suddenly had to go back home a lot, so the money I had saved over the summer really helped with train fares!

Buy what you need

Take time to think about what you need at uni and buy bits and pieces over the summer. If you see something cheap, buy it, even if it’s two months before you leave. It saves you doing a big shop just before you move away, and it will make you feel much more prepared.


Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

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