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Practical Presents for Students



Photo by Monstera via Pexels

Living off a student loan often means you need to choose wisely when relatives ask you, What do you want for Christmas? In this list I have combined the practical with presents, helping you to make the most of your Christmas freebies. Here you will find perfect presents to ask for, all while ensuring an Amazon Free Christmas.

Plant waterer

These handy glass globes ensure you’ll be met by vibrant green leaves when you return from your weekend visit home. These Esty ones are stunning and affordable!

Bed desk

When it's cold in the morning, getting out of bed to work at your desk can feel like an impossible task, so just stay in bed. For only £25 you can work in comfort and warmth. And yes, it is currently in stock in the Ipswich Argos branch.

Photo by Charlotte May via Pexels

Milk frother

Café style coffee at home? Get milk that is perfectly frothed every time without the need for a coffee machine and wasteful coffee pods. Here we have a budget and deluxe version (the student version of deluxe anyway).

Dawn simulator alarm

Wouldn’t you prefer to be lulled out of your sleep with a warm light? As opposed to your screeching iphone alarm grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and tossing you to the curb of consciousness. This dawn simulating alarm gradually gets brighter for 10 minutes until its alarm sounds at the set time, and I use the term alarm loosely as you change it to the soothing sounds of bird song or ocean waves.

Eco-friendly pens

There are many aspects of student life, whether it be pot noodles or coffee on the go, that aren’t quite as environmentally friendly as we’d like. But we can make a small difference with these plastic free pens. Traditional pens are made using plastic – and not even recycled plastic at that. Fortunately, these fashionable pens are not only made from recycled paper but are 100% recyclable.

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