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Pathways for Academic and Support Staff to Professional Recognition of Teaching

The University of Suffolk is committed to ensuring all those directly involved in teaching and supporting students' learning have access to a range of opportunities for continuing professional development. Whether you are an academic or a professional in a specialist area, if you are enabling students to learn in HE, you are entitled to develop your professionalism and gain national recognition for your experience, expertise and achievements.

The University's  PASSPoRT scheme is accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA, now called Advance HE) and is explicitly aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), the national standards framework for HE teaching and support of students’ learning. PASSPoRT can offer you the opportunity to gain an HEA Fellowship against one of three descriptors of the UKPSF.

The PASSPoRT scheme consists of two main pathways: the PGCAP and the e-PASSPoRT CPD pathway


The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice is the qualificatory pathway, most suited to those who are new/relatively new to teaching in HE. Many staff undertake the PGCAP as part of their probation, to gain a teaching in HE qualification and award of Fellowship of the HEA. PGCAP is a Level 7 programme, made up of three 20-credit modules.

The first module of PGCAP may be taken as a standalone in order to gain Associate Fellowship of the HEA. Whereas, completing the full PGCAP programme leads to award of HEA Fellowship.

Further information can be found in the PGCAP Handbook  


The e-PASSPoRT is a continuing professional development (CPD) pathway, normally undertaken by academic staff who have more than three years of teaching in HE experience, to gain recognition of their experience and understanding and to gain awards of Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow of the HEA.

Application for HEA Fellowships in the CPD pathway is in the form of a written submission. 

Further information can be found in the e-PASSPoRT Handbook


To keep up to date with all the latest news and information on the University of Suffolk PASSPoRT Scheme please see the latest newsletter:

PASSPoRT Newsletter August 2018



Contact information

Further information and guidance can be obtained from the PASSPoRT Lead, Dr Christine Smith x38684  or from the PASSPoRT Administrator, Helen Smith, x38622

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