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Part-time Fees

UK/EU Undergraduate Part Time Tuition Fees 

Information regarding tuition fees.

Financial support for part-time students

Part-time students are eligible for a tuition fee loan if they are studying at least 25% of the full course each year, and it is their first undergraduate degree. 

To apply for the loan you should go to student finance

Repaying your tuition fee loan

Part-time students who commenced a course after 1st September 2012 who are on a "Plan 2" repayment plan who are working whilst studying and earning over £25, 725 per year will be eligible to start making repayments from the April four years after their course commences. This means that part-time students may start repaying their tuition fee loans while still studying.

If a part-time student's situation changes and they reduce their salary, the repayments will change accordingly.

  • You only start to repay your loan from the April four years after your course started or the April after you leave your studies, whichever is sooner and then only if you are earning over £25,725, ( Plan 2 repayment plans.) 
  • Your repayment will be based on how much you earn, not how much you borrowed.
  • The repayment process is simple. If you are employed, repayments are deducted automatically from your pay through the tax system.
  • If, for any reason, your income falls below £25,725 your repayments will automatically stop.
  • You can pay back all your loan at any time with no early payment charge.
  • Any debt outstanding after 30 years will be cancelled.
  • Interest is payable on the loan from the time it is taken out. More information about repayment and interest rates.

From 1st August 2018 onwards entry-Part time Maintenance Loans

From the 1st August 2018 a maintenance loan for living costs is available for eligible part-time students to apply for. A student needs to be studying a minimum course intensity of 25% of the full-time equivalent in order to apply for the part-time maintenance loan. So, for example if the full time course is 120 credits per year, you would need to be studying a minimum of 30 credits to be able to apply. The part-time maintenance loans are the same product as the full -time loan. The part -time maintenance loan will therefore be based on household income, where you study, your term-time address and course intensity. Students cannot be supported more than four times the length of a full time course. The funding support is capped at 16 years maximum. Find more information.

Disabled Students' Allowance

To be eligible for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) you must be registered for a part-time course (undergraduate or postgraduate) that lasts at least one year and does not take you more than four times as long to complete as an equivalent full-time course.

You can find more information about DSAs at dsas

Financial Support Fund

The Financial Support Fund, FSF is a limited, means assessed fund provided and managed by the University of Suffolk.  Eligible part-time students can make an application to the fund.  The main fund opens in October of each year. Students are expected to have applied for all their statutory support before apply to the FSF for additional financial support.