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Parking at University of Suffolk

Find the Car Park

Following our postcode (IP4 1QJ) with a Sat Nav will bring you to the Waterfront building, but not the car park. We have three car parks here, a main one for the majority of the campus, a disabled one for easy access to the Waterfront Building and a car park by the James Hehir building.

Following IP4 1QJ will get you into the one-way system, then follow the instructions in these videos.

Main University of Suffolk Car Park

This is an attended car park. Parking here is 2 a day for staff and students. If you are visiting the University of Suffolk with an invitation from a staff member then parking is usually complimentary. Please check with your host before arriving.

James Hehir Car Park

Parking here is 60p per hour or 3.50 for the day.

Waterfront Disabled Car Park

There is no charge to park in this car park.

Leaving the University of Suffolk

The main University of Suffolk car park has two exits. One exit is blocked by an electronic barrier that can be operated using a staff or student card while the other is open to the public. Here are two videos about how to find each exit from the main car park.

Leaving via the barrier

Leaving via the car park entrance