Parents and Guardians

Parent/Carer Ambassadors

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Our Parent/Carer Ambassadors are sharing their experiences of their child/children applying for university. 

Jargon Buster

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Take a look at our university jargon buster for a glossary of university-related words and their definitions. 

University visits

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Parent/Carer Ambassador, Dave, has written about his experience as a parent attending university visits and open days. 

Supporting your child through Year 13

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Parent/Carer Ambassador, Pete, has written about his experience supporting his children through Year 13.

Our Parent/Carer Ambassadors

My name is Ferduse. I live in Ipswich and am supporting my second child to visit universities and understand the application process. Processes are constantly changing and I have noticed a difference from when my first child applied, for example the personal statement they are re...

I’m Stuart and I live in Ipswich and I have one son, Joshua, who began his studies in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at St. Andrews University, Scotland in 2018. Bachelor courses in Scotland are normally four years. Now in the second year he is specialising in Mathemati...

I am Michelle and I live in Ipswich. I am currently supporting my third child to apply to University, Shannon, who is applying for Social Work. My eldest daughter, Monica, graduated from Cardiff University in 2019 and is now studying for a Masters degree in Theology at Durham. M...

I’m Pete and I live in Ipswich. I’m currently helping my second child, George, with his university application. My eldest child, Ali (Alice), began her studies in Sports Psychology at Loughborough University in 2016 and graduated in 2019. She is now doing a one year postgradu...

I’m Sue and I have two children who have both done A Levels. My eldest is currently doing a degree apprenticeship in conveyancing/law. I am in the process of helping my youngest apply to university to do music/music technology. We have been to several open events at universities i...

I live near Diss and my children both attended the local schools. My daughter studied Biomedical Science and is now working as a Biomedical Scientist at the new Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. She is applying to study a degree in Medicine either in the UK or Georgia.  My son i...