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Our Vision - Integrated Care Academy


ICA Vision

"To enable the best possible integrated care accessible to all"

ICA 5 Core Programmes

The ICA is achieving this vision through its five core programmes of activities:

  • Education, Training and Development to add capacity, competence and capabilities in integrated care
  • Transforming Workforce Development in its widest sense, both employed and voluntary, to strengthen integrated care through team-based development
  • Embracing Leadership and Cultural Change, to develop and enhance local talent in integrated care
  • A catalyst for Digital, Data and Technology in integrated care, creating and implementing new initiatives
  • Cutting edge integrated care Research and Innovation to best support our communities.


ICA 3 Priority Areas

Within our overarching aim, the ICA’s three priority areas are purposely aligned with those of the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System:

  • Optimal mental health and emotional wellbeing - incorporating mental health services more fully with the wider health and care system and across the lifespan  

  • Best quality of life as we grow older - ensuring as people age, they are as healthy and independent as possible  

  • Care and support towards end of life - providing flexibility, choice and control over care for young and old, and support for those closest to them.