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Open Lecture Series

The University of Suffolk Open Lecture Series is a high quality events programme featuring world-renowned speakers, showcasing academic excellence both inside and outside the University. The events include conversations with lectures and guest lectures by experts across a wide range of disciplines.

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We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events.

2016/17 Series

Previous Open Lectures

2016/17 Series

2015/16 Series

  • Will King, Thursday 8 October 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Shaving Lives, Millennial Mass-individuality & What Generation # Can Expect
  • Taff Gillingham, Wednesday 11 November 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Remembrance and the Great War: A Very British View
  • Dr Surinder Hundal, Tuesday 17 November 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Ethical Business Behaviour - A Sikh Perspective
  • Dr John Greenacre, Wednesday 2 December 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich In Flanders Fields the Tourists Flow: The Impact of Battlefield Tourism
  • Dr Bill Teatheredge, Thursday 21 January 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Art of East Anglia from the Romans to Medieval
  • Dr Bill Teatheredge, Thursday 4 February 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Art of East Anglia, The Georgians and the Industrial Revolution
  • Dr Bill Teatheredge, Wednesday 10 February 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Art of East Anglia,Sir Alfred Munnings, romanticism in an age of modernity
  • Professor Richard Faragher, Thursday 18 February 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich What is ageing and what can we do about it?
  • Professor Christopher Scull, Friday 8 April 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich Saxon Rendlesham Re-visited
  • Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, Tuesday 28 June 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich Cardinal Wolsey and the making of Thomas Cromwell
2014/15 Series
  • Jane Cummings, Tuesday 7 October 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Developing a Culture of Compassionate Care: Making it the Norm
  • Professor Ivor Gaber, Thursday 6 November 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Media and Politics: A Loveless Marriage
  • Emeritus Professor John Newling, Wednesday 3 December 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Ecologies of Value in the Art Projects of John Newling
  • Kat Banyard, Tuesday 20 January 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Unfinished Revolution: Feminism in the 21st Century
  • Professor John Brewer, Thursday 12 March 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Anti-Doping and Elite Sport
  • Professor Malcolm McDonald, Thursday 2 April 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Short Term Profit Maximisation: The Consequences and the Cure
  • Professor Mike Hulme, Thursday 14 May 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Public Life of Climate Change: The First 30 Years
  • Visiting Senior Fellow Christiane Wuillamie, Tuesday 30 June 2015, University of Suffok Ipswich The Problem with Diversity and Inclusion: It's the Culture!
  • Dr Rowan Williams, Wednesday 8 July 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Theology and the Edge of Words

2013/14 Series

  • Sir Mark Tulle, Tuesday 8 October 2013, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Uncertainty of Certainty: The Search for Religious Pluralism
  • David Moorcroft OBE, Thursday 14 November 2013, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Olympic Games Legacy
  • Griff Rhys Jones, Friday 29 November 2013, University of Suffolk Ipswich Preserving for the Future
  • Professor Tony Eccles, Tuesday 10 December 2013, University of Suffolk Bury St Edmunds Why Managers are Politicians
  • Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Tuesday 28 January 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Role of Progress: The Past and Future of World's Fairs and Expos
  • Dr Anthony Seldon, Wednesday 26 February 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Real Education, Paper Education
  • Professor Mohamed Abdel-Maguid, Tuesday 29 April 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Connecting People: From Evoluation to Revolution
  • Professor Kevin Stenson, Tuesday 27th May 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Making Police Accountable: Governance and Legitimacy
  • Dr Paul Cavill, Tuesday 1 July 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Wolsey Lecture: Thomas Wolsey and the Meaning of Justice

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Lectures open for registration at 17:30 and finish at 19:30 with refreshments. All events are free of charge.