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Open Lecture Series

The University of Suffolk Open Lecture Series is a high quality events programme featuring world-renowned speakers, showcasing academic excellence both inside and outside the University. The events include conversations with lectures and guest lectures by experts across a wide range of disciplines.

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2017/18 Series

Dr Federica Masieri (University of Suffolk), Dr Alison Stacey (STEMCELL Technologies), Dr Elsa Abranches (UK Stem Cell Bank)
Tuesday 10 October 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "The Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Night"

Previous Open Lectures

2016/17 Series

Robin Vickery (Royal British Legion, Ipswich), Dr Harvey Osborne (History, University of Suffolk), students from the University of Suffolk, St Albans High School (Ipswich) and Stoke High School (Ipswich)
Wednesday 5 July 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Ipswich and the Battle of Arras: 1917-2017"Dr Tracey Sowerby, Wednesday 28 June 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Annual Wolsey Lecture - Thomas Wolsey and the Diplomats" 

Dr Edward Packard, Monday 19 June 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich ‘Our unfortunate little guests’: The Basque Refugee Children in Suffolk, 1937-39

Professor John Midwinter, Monday 5 June 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "The Big Picture - global challenges & imperatives for human society!" 

Julia Hobsbawm, Thursday 11 May 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Being fully connected in an age of overload"

Professor Mohammad Dastbaz, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Tuesday 18 April 2017 "Ipswich Green Information Technology: A Sustainable Approach"

Dr Edward Bujak, Thursday 23 March 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "The Peers versus the Prairies: Free Trade and the Great Estates in Victorian Suffolk"

Professor Dilwyn Porter, Thursday 16 March 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Fifty years of hurt? Wembley 1966 and how we remember it" 

Professor Keith Still, Thursday 2 March 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "How big is that Crowd? The importance of  Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis in an era of change"

Dr Owen Robinson, Thursday 9 February 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Study of American literature"

Professor Peter Cochrane, Thursday 19 January 2017, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Digital Destinies - looking at the wider implications" 

Dr Lisa Wade, Thursday 8 December 2016, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Sex in C18th London"

Michael Collins, Wednesday 30 November 2016, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "From Then and There to Here and Now"

Martin Palmer, Thursday 17 November 2016, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Annual Faith Lecture"

Andrew Lock, Friday 11 November 2016, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Remembrance Lecture: The Somme to the Battle of Arras"

Professor Hugh Griffiths, Friday 30 September 2016, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "The History of Radar"

Dr Vicky Holmes, Friday 23 September 2016, University of Suffolk, Ipswich "Sleeping with the Victorians"

2015/16 Series

Will King, Thursday 8 October 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Shaving Lives, Millennial Mass-individuality & What Generation # Can Expect

Taff Gillingham, Wednesday 11 November 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Remembrance and the Great War: A Very British View

Dr Surinder Hundal, Tuesday 17 November 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Ethical Business Behaviour - A Sikh Perspective

Dr John Greenacre, Wednesday 2 December 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich In Flanders Fields the Tourists Flow: The Impact of Battlefield Tourism

Dr Bill Teatheredge, Thursday 21 January 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Art of East Anglia from the Romans to Medieval

Dr Bill Teatheredge, Thursday 4 February 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Art of East Anglia, The Georgians and the Industrial Revolution

Dr Bill Teatheredge, Wednesday 10 February 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Art of East Anglia,Sir Alfred Munnings, romanticism in an age of modernity

Professor Richard Faragher, Thursday 18 February 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich What is ageing and what can we do about it?

Professor Christopher Scull, Friday 8 April 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich Saxon Rendlesham Re-visited

Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, Tuesday 28 June 2016, University of Suffolk Ipswich Cardinal Wolsey and the making of Thomas Cromwell

2014/15 Series

Jane Cummings, Tuesday 7 October 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Developing a Culture of Compassionate Care: Making it the Norm

Professor Ivor Gaber, Thursday 6 November 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Media and Politics: A Loveless Marriage

Emeritus Professor John Newling, Wednesday 3 December 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Ecologies of Value in the Art Projects of John Newling

Kat Banyard, Tuesday 20 January 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Unfinished Revolution: Feminism in the 21st Century

Professor John Brewer, Thursday 12 March 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Anti-Doping and Elite Sport

Professor Malcolm McDonald, Thursday 2 April 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Short Term Profit Maximisation: The Consequences and the Cure

Professor Mike Hulme, Thursday 14 May 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Public Life of Climate Change: The First 30 Years

Visiting Senior Fellow Christiane Wuillamie, Tuesday 30 June 2015, University of Suffok Ipswich The Problem with Diversity and Inclusion: It's the Culture!

Dr Rowan Williams, Wednesday 8 July 2015, University of Suffolk Ipswich Theology and the Edge of Words

2013/14 Series

Sir Mark Tulle, Tuesday 8 October 2013, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Uncertainty of Certainty: The Search for Religious Pluralism

David Moorcroft OBE, Thursday 14 November 2013, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Olympic Games Legacy

Griff Rhys Jones, Friday 29 November 2013, University of Suffolk Ipswich Preserving for the Future

Professor Tony Eccles, Tuesday 10 December 2013, University of Suffolk Bury St Edmunds Why Managers are Politicians

Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Tuesday 28 January 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich The Role of Progress: The Past and Future of World's Fairs and Expos

Dr Anthony Seldon, Wednesday 26 February 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Real Education, Paper Education

Professor Mohamed Abdel-Maguid, Tuesday 29 April 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Connecting People: From Evoluation to Revolution

Professor Kevin Stenson, Tuesday 27th May 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Making Police Accountable: Governance and Legitimacy

Dr Paul Cavill, Tuesday 1 July 2014, University of Suffolk Ipswich Wolsey Lecture: Thomas Wolsey and the Meaning of Justice


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