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One Year After Uni - The skills I have taken with me



Josh, BA(Hons) History, Class of 2021

Transferrable Skills

Exactly this time last year I had completed my History degree at UOS and was uncertain of my career options. I loved History at school and whilst at university enjoyed studies in gender history and social history in Britain overall. What I did know is my drive to deliver excellent customer service and my ability to build relationships…and these attributes didn’t go unnoticed when I was offered a Talent Consultant role at Marshall Wolfe, a local hiring consultancy. What I wasn’t expecting is the frequent questions “how did you end up in recruitment” or “did you not want to use your history degree”?

But here’s the thing, I am…and my degree has helped me gain transferrable skills that are valuable in my day-to-day role as a consultant:

  • Memory – like key facts and dates in history, I retain smaller details on candidate CV’s and job descriptions easily
  • Analyses – my ability to sift and process both quantitative and qualitative information at speed
  • Detail-orientated – my approach is concise and direct but also thorough and thoughtful
  • Time Management – Better organising my time and diary more wisely to spend more time on more meaningful tasks and working to set deadlines

I realised that my degree didn’t limit my career path but unravelled new opportunities I wouldn’t have expected. My advice to future graduates is to broaden your horizons and take time to reflect on your skills you have gained from your degree and how you can use them in a variety of different ways!

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