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From the internet to satellite communications, improvements in networking technologies have changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. 



In 2021, the University of Suffolk partnered with one of the largest networking companies on the planet, Juniper. Through this partnership, students can apply the knowledge they gain to configure and maintain network solutions in our state-of-the-art networking lab. For several years, through our close relationship with BT, we have trained the next generation of BT network engineers.


Key facts

  • Access to our new Juniper® Networking suite at DigiTech (launched in 2021)
  • We prioritise hands-on learning over simulation software allowing students to use the latest in networking hardware


Study networking

Our flexible BSc (Hons) Computing degree allows students to choose from a range of specialist networking modules. Simply apply for our BSc (Hons) Computing degree and opt for networking modules as part of the enrolment process.


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