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Myth busting



So, let’s talk myth busting. There are quite a few myths regarding university such as entry requirements being strict, repayment of fees being scary, and a degree not being useful anymore. These myths can be quite scary, but as a soon-to-be graduate, I can reassure that they are not because they are just that, myths!

Entry Requirements

Many entry requirements are set in stone; however, it is worth exploring alternative options for applying to university. For example, many courses accept good qualifications, relevant work experience or industry experience, even if they are not completely relevant to your choice of course. Some courses may also look for portfolios of work which is a great way to show off your passion for the subject and your skills. Interviews may also be offered for some courses which give you the chance to have direct communication with the course leader or tutors and to demonstrate your knowledge, passion for the subject and why you should be on the course.


One of the main reasons why I was worried about attending university was because of the myths regarding fees and student debt. Whilst paying your way through university can be a worry, as a student you may be eligible for student loans and bursaries to help you fund your studies. These will also help with travel costs, any books you may need to buy, covering your accommodation, etc. Though, you will need to pay back tuition fee loans or maintenance loans, but not bursaries.

Also, repaying your loans is not quite as scary as you might think! Once you are earning over £25,000 you will start repaying them and the repayments will be taken out of your salary each month and will relate to how much you are earning. If your salary drops below £25,000 or you stop working, your loan repayments will stop automatically.

‘Getting a degree isn’t worth it any more’

Isn’t it? I think otherwise. A degree is useful in various ways, not just for employment opportunities. My degree in Criminology and Sociology has helped me grow as a person, I have gained skills, knowledge and experiences which have impacted me in a positive way. Whilst I am grateful that my degree will open up career opportunities, I am most thankful that it has opened myself up to alternate views on the world and society, which will not only help me in my work but also in my personal life. 

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