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My year in review


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Well, we only have a few days left until 2020. How quickly has 2019 gone? I mean, November was a complete blur and I don’t even know what happened in February! However, I can still remember most of what happened over the year, so let’s give it a bit of a review.

The year started off at a bit of a low for me. After an already tough end to 2018, I lost my Grandma in the beginning of January, so that was a tough start and involved a lot of travelling between Brighton and Germany. However, I was so lucky to have lots of friends come around me and support me through all of that. I came through it all and started to think about what I wanted to achieve during the rest of the year.

I started back up with sports this year, going to the social sports sessions run the by the Students' Union and heading off to the gym (when I finally started in June!). Well, I’m proud of it anyway! There’s lots I’m proud of achieving this year, mainly having won the election for School Officer again in March. I still have lots that I want to do in that role, but in the last year and a half in that role, I’m pleased with what I’ve done.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to travel, so I took lots of holidays this year. Croatia and Germany were properly pre-planned ones that I took. But I also took a last-minute trip to Rome when I was asked to be an au pair for a family there. That job was the best and I was able to enjoy lots of sight seeing at the same time. It was my first trip by myself without any friends, so sight seeing on my own was a completely new experience.

I also got a great job in a language school where I helped out on activities with families over the summer. It was so much fun, especially as I got to join in on things like kayaking, go on the London Eye and see Madame Tussauds all for the first time.

Starting back at uni in September was a bit of roller-coaster as I had only just got back from Rome. But I settled back into life quickly enough and got started on my dissertation and work for my final year. There’s still a lot to in until I hand it in in May, but it’s started off well and we can only hope it will carry on that way.

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