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One of your New Year’s resolutions this year might have been to become more organised, wake up on time, or be healthier. It can be difficult sometimes to stick to these resolutions, but luckily there’s always an app to help you out. Here’s some of our favourites to help you this semester.

For study and revision

If you’re a student who loves their flashcards, download StudyBlue to save on paper and test yourself on the go. Another good app is GoConqr, a collaborative app where you can connect with students all over the world studying the same subject as you. You can make mind maps, notes and quizzes, and share these with your classmates.

Think about also downloading EasyBib, an app that references any book just by scanning the barcode. 

For organisation

We all need a bit of help getting ourselves organised at the beginning of the semester, and student planner apps are one of the things that can help us out with that. Timetable, My Class Schedule, and Class Timetable will all send you reminders for things we all tend to forget.

If you’re one for snoozing your alarm every time it goes off, Alarmy is the app you need. It makes you complete a different short, simple task every time you want to turn your alarm off. You might have to take a photo of something or shake the phone. It will make you much more awake and ready for the day.

For student safety

Safety both on and off campus is really important, especially on nights out. The Circle of 6 app keeps you connected with your friends and lets you put in a call for help by pressing a button. It uses a GPS tracker, so you’ll always be able to find your friends when you lose them.

If you’re thinking of cutting back on the alcohol this semester, download the app WiseDrinking. It keeps track of how much you’ve been drinking and when you should stop by inputting your gender, height, weight and when your last meal was.

For health and wellbeing

Keeping healthy and exercising are really important while you’re studying, so downloading a workout app can help you keep you on track with a workout routine. A fun workout app is Zombies, Run!; an app that plays your music along with a zombie apocalypse soundtrack to make you run from the zombies. It’s a workout that’s hard to beat, but makes it all much more fun.

MealBoard is also a great app to help you plan healthy meals, keep track of your shopping list, and find recipes based on what you have in your fridge. This is perfect for helping you make a variety of meals on a budget.



Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash


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