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My goals for the New Year



Hi everyone! My name is Rose and I am a first year English student at the University of Suffolk. Today I want to share with you some of my goals for the New Year that have (so far) been successful in 2019! At the beginning of each year I like to set myself goals as opposed to resolutions as these I feel are more attainable as I am working towards a target as opposed to saying ‘maybe’ I will get fitter and then give up by the end of January!

Get Fit

Now I know is quite a generic goal but exercise and I have always been rivals. I always hated PE in school and this started a toxic relationship between exercise and myself. However I know this isn’t good for me. I am not saying that by 2020 I want to be the next Jessica Ennis-Hill but I do want to improve my currently low level of fitness.

I am going to start small by doing something once a week and then work up over the year. It is easy to start if you are slightly worried like me as there are lots of free videos and resources online that you can do in the comfort of your own home. However if you need motivation the SU offer lots of cheap fitness classes throughout the week that you can join with your friends.

Read more – Make time for hobbies

As an English student I obviously love to read however reading as a hobby can be put on the back bench when I am overloaded with assignments to do. However whatever hobby you have it is important to balance this with your studies as hobbies can provide a form of relaxation in a stressful time.

Last year I set myself a challenge to read a book once a week which I was unsuccessful in. However this year I want to complete this goal and balance my studies better around my hobbies which leads me onto my next goal…

Be more organised

This goal can be split into two areas, first of all organising my work space. Now you don’t have to completely channel Marie Kondo but having a clearer work space can help with your productivity and organising folders and notes can even make it easier to start your assignments as you don’t have to hunt down the resources you need to work.

The other half of this goal is organising your studies so that you don’t have to rush assignments the night before they are due. If you are like me it can be a struggle to get motivated when the deadline is so far away but starting work early will help in the long term and you can feel relaxed when your friends are rushing to finish as you will have already submitted your work!

Budget better

My final goal is again probably a generic goal amongst students and that is to budget / manage my money better. Learning to look after your money is a useful skill and is definitely one that I will use a lot in the future which is why I want to get started now.

One of my favourite things to spend my money on is going out for coffee with my friends and this is too easy when on the university campus! So to try and be more careful when doing this I have set myself a challenge that whenever I buy a coffee I have to save the same amount I spend in an effort to save more money and cut down on my expenses!


So thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my new year’s goals and that this inspired you to make some goals for yourself! See you again soon :)

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