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My Experience as a Student Blogger (so far!)


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Hi everyone, today's post is a little different to my usual as I am going to be reflecting on my student blogger experience so far and telling you why you should apply to be a student blogger also! First of all I want to introduce myself for those of you who are new to the Life at Suffolk blog. My name is Rose and I am in my final year of studying English here at the University of Suffolk! As you can probably tell from my choice of course I am a massive reader and I also love writing in different styles which is what made me apply to the role of student blogger in the first place!

I was very fortunate to be able to apply for this role in my first year of study. My lecturers are really great at sharing writing and other work experience opportunities with us so when I saw that there was an opportunity to become a student blogger, I just knew I had to apply! I had to write a sample post as part of my application and my topic of choice was ‘Things every new student needs to know!’ I had great fun writing that post so I was super excited to discover that I had got the role and that I was going to be able to write more posts just like it!

During my first year I loved varying my content and exploring different photograph options for each of my posts! I put together some really elaborate set ups for some of my images which was super fun but very time consuming! I vividly remember worrying that my role was only a year in length also as I really didn’t want to stop writing! Luckily I am still in my role for my final year and I am so grateful for this role and opportunity as I love creating online content!

My writing style and type of posts have definitely varied over the last year. I love writing posts that are made of lists and I have recently developed an interest in sharing recipes and food related posts as I love cooking and I especially love to have an excuse to make something from scratch and these posts are perfect for that! It also means that I can continue to take and edit some of my own photographs for the blog as I typically now use a combination of my own photos and free photos online for my posts in a bid to save some time when I have more assignments to complete!

I love writing for this blog and cannot recommend this role enough for any future applicants! My top tips for the role are to make sure that you love writing and have got lots of ideas that you want to share about your student experience. Make sure that you are organised with your posts also as it is important to balance this role with your other studies! My most important tip though is to be yourself! Express yourself through your writing and your posts will be a lot more personal and also entertaining to read for other students. Good luck any future applicants and I can’t wait to read your future posts!



Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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