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Multi-Faith Chaplaincy



In the Library building next to the Students Union office is the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. This is the perfect space for all students and staff of any faith or no faith to go to for advice, support or just to relax. They offer all sorts of events and celebrate lots of festivals.

Susanna, the Chaplaincy co-ordinator, told us, “We love to meet people here in the Chaplaincy and we are here for people of all faiths and people of none. We are always up for deep and meaningful conversations but we also like to laugh! We really want all students and staff to know they are welcome here, especially those who are finding life a bit tricky. We won’t bring any judgement, we are honestly just happy to meet you and offer a listening ear. We want the Chaplaincy room to be a safe space for everyone. The coffee is always flowing and there are nearly always biscuits, so come and find us. We would love to meet you.”

Keep up to date on their Facebook and Instagram page and find out a bit more about what they do here.

The Big Question

Last week, the Chaplaincy hosted their first Big Question: “What if today is all we have?” We discussed this in relation to all faiths and it was an opportunity to have our own say and understand others beliefs. These events will be taking place a few times over the year, and it’s a great chance to hear what other believe and talk about your own beliefs.

Toasty Tuesdays

I, for one, can never turn down a cuppa. So it’s great that every Tuesday from 8:30, the Chaplaincy hosts free tea (or coffee) and toast to get ready for the day ahead. This is a chance to get to know the Chaplains, relax, and just have a chat and get to know people.


Although the Chaplains aren’t trained professionals, you can still go and talk to them and find support in any issues you may be going through. They’re more than happy to listen to you, and will be able to signpost you to the right support that you might need.

A place for everyone

It’s important to remember that the Chaplaincy is there for everyone, whether you have any faith or none. It’s open to everyone as a place to talk to someone, explore faith, and celebrate festivals, and it’s completely non-judgemental. Come along any time and see what they can do for you.

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