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Motivation for the new semester



After the long Christmas break, it’s easy to feel those winter blues while the days are still short and it’s cold outside. I often find myself in a mid-academic year slump now and it’s tough to get back into routine for the second half of the year and to find the motivation to get through it.

After a couple of years at uni, I’ve found that there’s some good ways to have a good start to the new semester and to start off with all the motivation I need to last through right through to the summer.

Give yourself a fresh start

There’s no need to bring the negatives and the difficulties of the last semester into this one. If you struggled with a module or with a certain assignment, that mustn’t be the thing on your mind as you walk into your new classes. You’ll find much more motivation for this half of the year if you go in with a new, fresh mindset.

Look at improvements

Even though you’re going in with a new mindset, you can also look for positive improvements to make within yourself. Take some time before you start your new classes to look at last semester and the feedback you have from your assignments. What can you work on this semester? How can you start making changes now so that the assignments towards the end are easier? Once you’ve done that, you can move on to your fresh start with some positive self-improvement.

Find your hobby

Do you go to class, back home and then stick on a movie? Do you do that every day? To give yourself some more motivation, you need some new energy in life. Find something that you’re passionate about and that you enjoy and make it a regular hobby. A really easy way to do this is to join a society, social sport or competitive sport at the Students' Union.

Start working now

The start of the semester is really close, so it’s worth taking a look at the module guides before you start to see if there’s anything you could do already. Getting into the habit of preparing for you lectures is definitely worth it and you can make it part of your routine for the rest of the year.

Clear out

There’s all sorts of things that you probably don’t need cluttering up your room. Having a clear out before the semester starts will make your workspace a lot tidier and ready for the work you’ll need to do. This is especially good with the things you don’t need from last semester. If these are taking over your space, consider whether or not you really need them this semester. If you’re not sure, find a shelf or a space that you can put them out of the way until another time.


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