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Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme

What is the Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme?

The Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme allows students to network and support other students here at Suffolk. 

Your university experience will be greatly enhanced by having a Suffolk Life Mentor. They will show you what university life has to offer, no matter your degree or where you live.

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Suffolk Life Mentors are experienced students who can offer information and support to help with your transition to University and to make sure you that you have the best possible experience during your studies. 

You can choose to do a variety of activities with your Suffolk Life Mentor such as:

  • Exchange emails and messages 
  • Meet for a chat on campus
  • Go for a tea/coffee 
  • A campus tour 
  • Meet up with other first-year students on the Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme.

Suffolk Life Mentors also organise activities for students to help them meet new people, and learn more about university life.

Our student mentors have run sessions such as:

  • Spring Walk to Holywells Park
  • University chill-out tour
  • Group cinema trip
  • Budgeting games
  • Time Management session

All sessions are completely free, and a great way to meet new people. 

Explore the university with our student mentors

Our Suffolk Life Mentors are trained by staff in Student Services who provide information and advice on:

  • Careers and Employability
  • Student Finance
  • Disability and Wellbeing
  • International opportunities 

Our Suffolk Life Mentors also bring their university/life experience to their role. Many of our student mentors are:

  • On placement as part of their course.
  • Working part-time in Ipswich and beyond.
  • Mature students.
  • The first of their family to go to university.

Our mentors now want to help fellow students get the most out of university and enjoy their time at Suffolk. 


Once you have signed up for the Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme, you will be assigned a student mentor, who will introduce themselves by email. 

You are able to carry on communicating via email if you wish, or to meet onsite at the university. 

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Further information on joining the scheme can be found in our introduction booklet.

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