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A look back at Re-Freshers'



Re-Freshers' came to an end last week, but I’m sure we can safely say it was one of the best weeks the Students' Union has put on. Looking back at the week’s events, we’re going to talk about our favourite ones, and hopefully we will see lots of them again next time.

Re-Freshers' Fair

Always one of our favourites! It’s a great time to get to know your SU, societies and sports clubs, plus bag a load of free stuff! We saw vouchers from Kaspa’s, “Blind Date with a Book” and an awesome popcorn machine from the Christian Union, just to name a few. It was also an opportunity to get to know your SU President, Vice President, and other staff who can help you get involved during your time at uni.


This is the highlight of Freshers' week! We enjoyed four venues; one new and a few we’ve been to before. As always, everyone enjoyed a fun, safe night out organised by your SU at Wiff Waff, Yates, Revolutions, and Unit 17. It was a great chance to get to know your local go-to bars and clubs for a night out.

Me Time

On Thursday, we also enjoyed two sessions of “Me Time” in the Chaplaincy, which was a perfect time to relax, reflect and get to know your SU staff. As always, it’s important to take time to relax during your uni week, and it was great to see the SU help make that happen.

International Food Night

Popular with both those who love to cook and those who love to eat, this was a chance for people to try out new foods, and show off foods that were special to them. We saw a huge range of dishes from across the world, and it was a good opportunity to celebrate diversity at the University. We really hope the SU puts on more events like this over the year!


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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