Living Sustainably for less

Saving Money and Carbon

With the rise in the cost of living and the growing challenge of climate change and biodiversity loss, the need to consider what we buy, how much we use, and how much we save has never been more important. As part of the University cost of living initiative Sustainability Estates is pleased to further support staff and students with a number of top tips, guidance and web links to assist in the reduction of energy and living costs.

Support for Students

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Information on how the University and the SU are supporting students this academic year. Students can also access additional tips on this landing page.

Sustainable Living

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Tips on how you can keep your home warm for less.

Sustainable Cooking


Tips and Tricks on how to cook sustainably to help reduce food costs and energy usage.

Warm Space Initiative


Click here to find out whereabouts on campus and in Ipswich you can grab a free cuppa and warm up for a few hours.

Local Support Networks


Information on local support with finance, debt, health, food banks and much more.

Cost of Living

The Sustainable Way


Time to cut the costs

Be sure to check out our handy tops tips on how to cut the costs of your energy bills, shop smarter and reduce the amount of energy you are using with simple tricks.


Support for Family

Here you can access information on how to help support your family and loved ones during the current cost of living crisis. From what supermarket to buy from and when, to cutting down the bills to save money. 

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Support for You

The current crisis can take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing; financial struggles and difficulty sleeping. Take a look at our local support networks to find resources and guidance on how you can take care of you.