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Life as a student blogger



I’ve been working as the University’s Digital Ambassador for almost two years now and it feels as though the time has flown by! It’s certainly time for some reflections of my time as a Student Blogger.

The most common question I am asked as a student blogger is “how do you manage to work and study?” My answer is usually “the same as everyone else”. Almost every student I know works while they study, so there really is no difference between others and myself. In fact, I think I have it better than other students as I have such a flexible team where I can work from home or reduce my hours around exams or deadlines.

So what have I achieved as a Student Blogger? When I first started this job, I didn’t really know what to expect. But over time, I’ve learnt more, developed my ability to write about student life and met with some really amazing people. Last year, I interviewed students who came through Clearing and it was really a look into how hard some students work to get into uni. The resilience people have when they know what they want to achieve was eye opening. I’ve worked with teams around the uni to promote events and grown connections from my work with them.

Apart from suffering from the occasional “writers block”, I’ve been able to use my university experience for all my blogs. From reflecting on what I’d tell my first year self to how to keep to a budget, I’ve felt that all my experiences have helped me to write a blog in some way. It’s led to me challenge myself to keep to resolutions and to continue to reflect on what I can change to improve myself, especially my mental health.

Life as a student blogger does give you a lot of flexibility. You often have a choice of what you want to write and what you focus on within it.

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