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Leap year - What to do with your extra day


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It’s a leap year this year, so we’re lucky to have an extra day this month and an extra day to get things done. With an extra day, you can choose to do something creative, relax, or just catch up on things. Here’s some of my ideas for using your extra day.

Games day

A games day is a perfect way to forget about assignments and lectures and just spend a bit of time with your friends and enjoying yourself. Get some snacks and drinks, set up some card games and board games and see who is best at each one. Whether you’re competitive or just joining in for fun, you’ll spend the day getting to know your friends or flatmates even better.

Go outside

There’s loads of things to do around Ipswich and Suffolk outside. We’re lucky to have so many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces which are great for kids, partners, friends and even just by yourself. The waterfront is also lovely on a sunny day, so take some time to go outside and walk around the beautiful area as we start to see the beginning of spring.

Spa day

Students aren’t made of money, but you can have your own pamper day at home. Get some face masks, nail polish and bath bombs and spend the day relaxing. We all need it once in a while, so why not take this as the perfect opportunity?

Catch up

It can be easy to fall behind a bit on your work, so you can take your extra day to catch up on some work. You don’t have to spend the whole day on it but taking a couple of hours to catch up on pre-reading or assignments will take a lot of pressure off later on. You might also like to make a weekly plan of what work you should be doing to keep on top of everything.

Clear out

It’s really useful every so often to have a big clear out of everything; clothes, shoes, books or anything else you have that you don’t need. Clear it out and take it down to a charity shop. You can have a big clean of your room and feel de-cluttered for the spring.


Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 

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