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KTP Associate - Grad Vacancies with a Difference!

What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership?

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme helps businesses in the UK to innovate and grow.

It does this by linking them with an academic or research organisation and a graduate known as an associate.

The scheme can last between 12 and 36 months, depending on what the project is and the needs of the business.

Key Benefits for a KTP Associate:

  • After the KTP has completed, most associates become employed by the company
  • Associates have 10% of their time for personal development, with a 2k pa budget for this (including the management training with the same company Jaguar/Land Rover use)
  • The competitive salary and opportunity for a higher degree during the project.
  • Development of a new product that could be the first of its kind in the marketplace.
  • Academic support throughout the duration of the project.
  • Corporate company benefits and attendance at key events to showcase the new project.
  • Working in an area that is of interest to you and having individuals who share the same interest.

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