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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Orbital Media

Orbital Media is an international digital agency servicing a wide variety of clients, in a range of sectors. Over the last 5 years, Orbital has moved increasingly into developing licensed technologies within the fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Diagnostics, Artificial Intelligence and is now considered the biggest provider of gamification technology to the European healthcare industry.

It is with this background that Peter Brady, CEO of Orbital Media, identified that UK asthma patients are experiencing rapidly deteriorating healthcare outcomes, increasing mortality rates and escalating NHS costs surpassing £1.1 billion per annum. In direct correlation to this, it was noted that over 90% of asthma sufferers use their inhalers incorrectly, ranging from forgetting to take the inhaler cap off, to not inhaling and holding for the prescribed amount of time, which is 10 seconds.

Given that modern asthma treatments are highly effective when used correctly, Orbital Media decided to develop a technology that automated the process of asthma inhaler training, minimised precious healthcare professional input / time and did this in a way that optimises the education process, promoting enhanced recall of key information.

As a result, the opportunity to innovate a technology that educated on inhaler technique using virtual reality and gamification tied in perfectly with University of Suffolk’s key academic strengths. Utilising a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), part funded by Innovate UK, was identified as the optimal pathway for collaboration, which ultimately produced a cost effective and frictionless exchange of expertise and knowledge.

The end product was a project that recently received a national “outstanding” classification for KTP performance and has produced a technology that could save lives, improve healthcare outcomes and conserve precious NHS funds.

Having worked with the University of Suffolk in the past on the Innovation Voucher Internship funding scheme, Orbital were keen to explore other funding opportunities to help them grow and to harness graduate talent.

The partnership with Orbital Media is the University’s first KTP.  Professor Abdel-Maguid added “It offered our academic team the perfect vehicle to solve problems that matter, and we look forward to more KTP projects in the future.”

Chris Janes, Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Design at the University said “This project was an opportunity to do some interesting work outside of teaching and research that wouldn’t have been available otherwise.”