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Ken Plummer Storytelling Conference 2018

Ken Plummer is Emeritus Professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Essex where he taught and researched between 1975 and 2005. In 1996, he became the founder editor of the journal Sexualities. His earliest research, starting with Sexual Stigma (1975) and The Making of the Modern Homosexual (1981) was concerned with helping to develop a theoretical orientation for the then emerging lesbian, gay and queer studies.  In follow up work on sexual diversities, he championed the use of life story research in sociology and the importance of studying sexual stories, published in Documents of Life, 1983 (2nd ed. 2001) and Telling Sexual Stories (1995).  His recent work takes a more explicitly political and critical turn with Intimate Citizenship (2003) and Cosmopolitan Sexualities (2015).  He retired early because of ill health, about which he has also written. He has always identified with symbolic interactionism; but these days calls himself a critical humanist.  Forthcoming books are Narrative Power: The Struggle for Human Value  (2018) and Critical Humanism: A Manifesto for Human Flourishing (2019).