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All About You: Keeping in touch with friends at uni


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This post is part of our All About You series, focusing on wellbeing at university.

It’s all exciting: choosing where to go to study, getting ready, enjoying your last summer at home. But it can also be tough to leave your friends behind, especially if you're all moving to different places across the county.

You’re going to make new friends at uni, but you also want to keep in touch with your college and high school friends. To help you out, I've come up with some ways to keep in touch with your friends and still enjoy your time at uni.


Care packages

This is a really creative way to be able to stay in touch with each other. Every so often, send a care package with all sorts in; chocolates, bubble bath, stationary, or whatever else you might think of. Write a letter to go with it; texting is great, but letters so much more special.

Group FaceTime

If you’re going to miss your group while you’re all at uni, you can do a group call. It might not be as good as being all together, but it’s not far off and you won’t lose the group vibe while you’re away. It doesn’t have to be all that often either, but every few weeks can make all the difference while you’re away.

Plan a holiday

Think about planning yourselves a group holiday away during your summers. You can look forward to it over the year, and enjoy the time together while you’re away. Even if you just decide to go to a festival together, it can help to know that you’re still spending time together and have something to look forward to.

Visit each other

Think positively about it; all your friends are at a different university, so it’s a great chance to explore different cities and have different experiences. Go check out different places, make new friends, and enjoy the three years you’re able to do that.


Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

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