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Journaling for Beginners - How to Journal Successfully!


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Often our preconceptions about journaling prevent us from utilising it in a meaningful way. Journaling is an excellent tool for maintaining good mental health, it helps us learn about ourselves, our goals, our problems and more. Give the following steps a go to begin a successful journey into journaling!


Step 1.

Write down what you did today, it doesn’t have to include everything, just what you feel like mentioning. Also write down any thoughts you had that stood out to you. This could be something that made you laugh, an old memory or a thought that kept occurring throughout the day. Normally I down what I ate at each meal, what I did that was productive and what I did that was fun.


Step 2.

Reflections are great for beginner journallers as it helps you to learn about yourself. Use the following reflection prompts:

What excited me today?

What drained me?

If you do this regularly, you’ll soon see patterns emerge and know which parts of your life you need to change.


Step 3.

Write down five things you’re grateful for. They can be small or big but just make sure they’re genuine. I like to do five as minimum to remind myself just how lucky I am. I like doing this exercise last as it ends the experience on a positive note and leaves me in a good mood.



Your journal should be free of the feeling of obligation. Only write when you want to, if you’re forcing yourself to do it, you’re probably not going to feel the benefits. Remember, your journal is a space for you to write and draw whatever you want! I often find mine is quite boring! Just a list of what I’ve done and plan to do, but it gives me a sense of control over my life. It makes my goals clearer to me, whether it’s what I want to achieve today or in a year. Now I know how to journal, I don’t dread using it, I don’t feel bad when I don’t write in it every day, I feel comfort knowing that it is there for me whenever I need it.

The more you journal the sooner you’ll understand why you do it and what you want to get out of it, it might help you stay organised, or it might help with your anxiety. Search online for prompts, in the beginning you’ll be discovering things about yourself, dreams, goals, insecurities, stress triggers. And after a while you’ll find that you keep coming back to the same prompts, the ones that help you the most, the ones that work for you.

Oh, and make sure you get a cute notebook – this helps stay motivated to write.

Happy journaling.

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