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Introducing Student Services & Learning Services

13 Dec 2018 2:30PM


At the University of Suffolk we recognise the importance of being here if you need us and aim to provide a supportive, positive and encouraging environment for all students.

It is therefore important to be aware of the specialist support services on offer that will be able to answer any questions you have, provide assistance to you in case you encounter any personal or academic difficulties, and enable you to fulfil your potential. 

Student Services

The Student Services team offer a range of information, advice and guidance services to students which include matters relating to:

  • Finance
  • Careers and Employability
  • Disability and Learning Difficulty Support
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Counselling

Students can book one-to-one appointments with an adviser or attend one of the regular drop-in sessions and workshops run by the team.

Further information about the areas that the Student Services team cover can be found on the website.

If you are studying at Ipswich, and would like more information about the Student Services team, or would like to book a one-to-one appointment, you can book through the Infozone by calling 01473 338833.

If you are studying at one of the partner colleges, you will need to contact the relevant HE Administrator for further information. Contact details can be found here.


Learning Services

Learning Services works with you from the time you join the University through to your graduation and your future career. The team of eLearning Developers, Academic Liaison Librarians and Academic Skills Advisors works alongside your course to support you in the developing the skills and confidence you need to succeed academically.

Each of the partner colleges has its own Library and Skills development teams, but all staff and students can also make use of the scheduled workshops and online learning opportunities and resources provided from the hub at Ipswich.

The areas in which the team can help you include:

  • Searching for information
  • Using library resources and online catalogues
  • Referencing
  • Assignment planning
  • Learning with specific learning difficulties
  • Academic and study skills
  • Using technologies in learning
  • Study support for International Students

You can contact the Learning Services team for more information on

Bookable one-to-ones can be made with the Academic skills advisors or the Academic liaison librarians for your subject. If you are studying at Ipswich, you can book through the Infozone by calling 01473 338833.

If you are studying at one of the other partner colleges, you will need to contact the Library at that location if you need one-to-one support.