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Apprenticeships at the University of Suffolk


Apprenticeships combine work with part - time study and may include a work-based, academic, combined or professional qualification relevant to the industry.

The Higher and Degree Apprenticeships that are available at the University of Suffolk are from level 4 which is equivalent to a Higher Education Certificate/ Diploma up to a level 7 which is equivalent to a Master’s degree. 

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships can take between one and five years to complete.

Please click on the sections below to find out more about Apprenticeships at the University of Suffolk.


Apprenticeships at the University of Suffolk

The University is currently offering the following Apprenticeships:

  • BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing [Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship]
  • MSc Advanced Clinical Practice [Degree Apprenticeship]
  • BA (Hons) Business Management Professional [Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship]
  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Network Engineering) [Digital and Technology Solution Degree Apprenticeship]
  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineering) [Digital and Technology Solution Degree Apprenticeship]
  • FdA Health and Wellbeing (Assistant Practitioner) [Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Higher Apprenticeship]
  • FdA Health and Wellbeing (Nursing Associate) [Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship]
  • MBA [Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship]
  • BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing [Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship]
  • BA (Hons) Social Work [Degree Apprenticeship]
The Levy, Apprenticeship Fees, and Recruitment

Employers with a pay bill of over £3million are paying a new Apprenticeship Levy, which is held in the digital Apprenticeship Service, and can be used to pay for Apprenticeship training.

Employers can use this service to select the University of Suffolk as their training provider, and subsequently manage apprenticeship payments.

Each employer receives an annual allowance of £15,000 in their Levy, and the Government adds an additional 10% top-up each month.

The Government sets the maximum fee for each Apprenticeship Standard, which is paid over the duration of the Apprenticeship from the Levy. 

Only apprenticeship training can be paid for from the Levy, any additional costs, including the apprentice's salary, must be paid separately. Levy funds expire after 24 months if not spent.

Employers not liable for the Apprenticeship Levy, and those who use their whole Levy but have additional apprentices, can take advantage of Government co-funding.

Government will pay at least 95% of the Apprenticeship training costs, with the employer responsible for the remaining 5%. This is paid directly to the University.

Apprentices can be either existing or new employees. Apprenticeships can be advertised on the Find an Apprenticeship service and applications from prospective Apprentices can be submitted via this website, or they can be directed to employers websites.

The University of Suffolk will help employers with posting their Apprenticeship Vacancies.

Providing a Positive Apprenticeship Experience

Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships will take one to five years to complete. Apprentices will normally be in full-time work and will spend at least 20% of their time in off-the-job training. This will be 20% of their contracted hours of work, and can be spread throughout the year (eg. block of teaching vs day release). The University of Suffolk can offer training via day release or block teaching, but Apprentices will also normally have some training that takes place online, or that they undertake directly with their employer. Employers have a responsibility to ensure their Apprentices have a minimum of 20% of their contracted hours for training.

Apprentices must have Level 2 English and Maths (equivalent to GCSE) by the end of their Apprenticeship. Additional funding is provided by Government for this if the Apprentice does not already have English and Maths, and the University will arrange/provide this training. The hours required for undertaking English and/or Maths is separate from the 20% off-the-job training for the Apprenticeship. The University will normally require all Apprentices to have Level 2 English and Maths before they start their course, but can discuss individual circumstances with the apprentice and employer.

The University and the employer will work together to support the Apprentice, undertaking regular reviews to ensure the Apprenticeship is working and that the Apprentice is successfully managing their course. Employers will also be invited to support reviews and development of the courses for the future - and may be invited to support the development of new Apprenticeships at the University.

Assessing the Apprenticeship

Apprentices will undertake a range of assessments based on the requirements of the Apprenticeship Standard. This is likely to be a combination of assignments, exams, and practical assessments. Where possible, assignments will provide the opportunity for Apprentices to consider their own job role, their own organisation, or their sector/industry.

Apprentices will achieve a University of Suffolk award at the end of their Apprenticeship, which will be a Foundation Degree for Level 5, or a Bachelor Degree for Level 6. Additional assessments may be required for Professional Accreditation, depending on the Apprenticeship Standard.

All Apprentices must also undertake an End Point Assessment (EPA) to complete their Apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship Standard will determine if the EPA is undertaken as part of their studies at the University of Suffolk (an integrated EPA) or if it should be taken separately from the University. Where it is a separate assessment, the University will work with the employer to identify an End Point Assessment Organisation, and the University will pay for the EPA from the Apprenticeship fee agreed with the employer. The EPA may cost as much as 20% of the total Apprenticeship fee. Apprentices must pass their EPA in order to complete their Apprenticeship.

Linking with the University of Suffolk on the Apprenticeship Service

Employers wanting to link to the University of Suffolk and add Apprentices on the Apprenticeship Service, should follow the following steps:

  • Log-in to your Digital Apprenticeship Service Account
  • Ensure that someone in your organisation has authorised the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) agreement, noting that the University of Suffolk's UKPRN is 10014001
  • In the 'Apprentices' section, add your apprentice details, which will be passed to the University of Suffolk for review and approval. You can chose to let the University add the Apprentices to the system, please send the details to You will be sent a prompt to approve the details on the system before any funding can be released.

The ESFA has a YouTube channel with useful guides, including a walkthrough of managing the employer Digital Account

Next Steps and Employer's Toolkit

Employers should contact the Apprenticeships team at the University of Suffolk to discuss their requirements. The University will work with employers to agree entry requirements and recruitment, and will promote new Apprenticeship vacancies where appropriate. The team can be contacted on:

Employer's toolkit