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Induction - 2019/20

Start Dates and Times

Welcome, you have reached the university's Induction Page for 2019/20.  Here you’ll find details relating to the start of your upcoming course. In advance we provide you with the start and end times and the days we expect you to attend.  Details of the sessions you will go to will be confirmed on your arrival.
We strongly recommend that you check this page again in the few days before you start as information may change as plans for your Induction are finalised.

Attendance at Induction is very important. Key information about your studies will be shared with you and missing out at this early stage may mean you find yourself at a disadvantage later on. Your attendance will be monitored during Induction as some elements will be mandatory for you to undertake before starting your course (health and safety, manual handling and the use of specialist equipment, for example).

If you cannot attend some or all of the Induction for your course, please contact the Infozone as soon as possible to discuss options for you to attend a catch-up session. The Infozone will also be happy to help if you have any other questions about Induction, what to expect, and what to bring with you, as well as your University experience more generally.

Travelling and parking - Planning to commute or bring a car with you when you start your course? Please click here.

Induction Start Dates and Times will be indicated in brackets next to the course as they are confirmed.  Induction Timetables to be added to the course list once they are available.   Please note that the course listing will be subject to ongoing updates.   We look forward to meeting with you soon.





  • The majority of undergraduate courses at Ipswich will start week commencing 16 September 2019. Further information will be posted here as soon as possible.



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