I wasn't going to go to university...

If you hadn't planned on going to university but have since changed your mind, this is the place for you! Below you'll find plenty of information and guidance about what to do next and how to apply through clearing. 

You're not alone in changing your mind. Joshua, Sophie and Molly hadn't planned on going to university, but changed their minds and decided to apply.

Have a read of their stories, what encouraged them to go to university and how they knew it was the right decision for them. 

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It sounds cliched but it just felt right

Amy at the University of Suffolk

Amy had given up hope of going to university after she didn't get into her chosen universities, but then applied through Clearing to pursue her passion for bioscience.

Why I changed my mind


Recent graduate, Sophie, looks back on her three years at Suffolk, talking about what changed her decision and her reasons for applying to university. 

Follow your dreams, take risks and make amazing memories!


Molly hadn't planned on applying to university for a number of reasons, but changed her mind and applied through Clearing. 

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Inspiring stories

I had my first of six liver transplants when I was months old and the second from a living donor, my mum. The impact of suddenly being told at six weeks that your child has liver disease and having to watch your son, firstborn, go through all this pain and trauma must have been unbe...

At the age of two and a half, I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. By four and a half, after two years of chemotherapy and my parents fearing they were going to lose me, I survived. After receiving such fantastic care I knew I wanted to go into children’s nursing and it just so happene...