I decided to stay in Suffolk...

If you were planning on studying outside of Suffolk but have since changed your mind, this is the page for you. Megan was in the exact same position and started her degree in Northamptonshire. After a couple of weeks, she decided she wanted to return to Suffolk to study, so applied to study with us.

Take a look at the information and advice provided below, and read Megan's story to find out why she chose to stay local, why she chose Suffolk and how she knew she had made the right decision. 

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'Clearing was what I needed and the best decision I made'


Megan talks about why she changed to Suffolk, the clearing process and why Suffolk was the right choice for her. 

'It's okay to change your mind'


Bethany had three unconditional offers, including one in the West Midlands, but chose to stay in Suffolk close to friends and family.

Thinking of staying in Suffolk?

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Ecology and Conservation student and student blogger Lily talks about why staying in your home county could be exactly the right choice for you.

How to get involved in student life


Student Blogger: read Rose's tips how to get involved in student life, even when commuting or living at home. 

Bonuses of staying in Suffolk

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Student blogger Rose shares some of her favourite things about Suffolk and the bonuses that accompany your studies here.

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Inspiring stories

I chose to study History at the University of Suffolk for several reasons. The content, for one thing, is excellent. It begins by providing a fundamental foundation of skills and content before presenting more specific choices that allow you to specialise or to remain quite broad. T...

I am a very indecisive person and find it difficult to make decisions, particularly when it is one that will have such a huge impact on my life and future career. I was accepted for an interview at three different universities. When I went to the interview at the University of Suffo...

I always knew that working within the care setting would be for me, but I didn’t expect to love midwifery quite to this extent. I adore working in partnership with women and their families, learning about the physiology of pregnancy and facilitating the birth of a new life. ...