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How to run a successful society!


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University is a great place to pursue your passions and joining societies allows you to meet others who share your interests. It is important to take advantage of the societies available as they are often more affordable than they will be outside of university, and it helps build your CV. But say you want to go a step further, you don’t just want to be part of a society, you want to start your own!

Although running a society is difficult, it can be very rewarding. Having been President of the University’s Fitness society and Treasurer of the Drama society I’ve seen what needs to happen to make a society work. Here are some of my tips!

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To run a society, you need to be proactive. Nothing happens unless you make it happen! Social nights out, new equipment, one-off workshops – these are all down to you to plan and carry out!

Seek feedback, your members are what make your society! It is so important to seek feedback to improve their experience, often the smallest changes are what make the biggest difference.

Make group chats for easy communication. A Facebook group chat is a must. Changes of dates, times and rooms are easily shared as well as photos and encouragements.

Ask or you won’t get! The University does not have an endless pot from which they can pull funding for societies, but they do try! So don’t assume you won’t be able to get funding for that new equipment you want and just ask!

Always ask yourself how can I get more people to join? Your society is great, you want as many people as possible to experience it! Build up your online presence with Instagram and Facebook, put posters up in the library and make yourself known at Freshers.

Set goals, what do I want to have achieved by the end of the academic year? My goals for this year are to get matching hoodies for members (we’re half-way there) and to put on a showcase in June.

Running a society is hard work but hopefully with these tips you’ll be more prepared for the challenge!

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