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How to make your uni room feel more like home



When you first walk into your uni room, it can look quite bare compared to the room you've grown up in. Your uni room is your little space for you to relax, study, hang out with friends and enjoy yourself, so make sure you make it feel that way with these quick tips.

From a blank canvas

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay 

Most university accommodation looks the same, so try to make it your own. Adding some comfy cushions, throws and rugs will brighten up your room; even your bedding can add some character. You can often find cheap, nice looking bedding that can show your personality. These personal touches will make your room an appealing place to be after a long day at lectures.



Photo by Rich Tervet on Unsplash

Add some soft lighting to make your uni room feel nice and cosy. Maybe a desk lamp, some fairy lights or some lanterns to give your room a cosy vibe.


Little touches

Meeting your new flatmates can be pretty daunting, but things like photos and decorations can be a great conversation starter. Bunting, posters, and fairy lights will make your room the ideal hang out place for yourself and your friends. Some people will tell you to bring a houseplant, but I know from experience that these are all too easy to neglect! Why not get something low maintenance, like a cactus plant or a plastic plant (these can look very real). The colours will start to build up around your new room and it will begin to feel more like home.


Home from home

Bringing something with you from home can help to make your room feel more homely. Whether that's bedding, your favourite poster, photo frames or other trinkets. Having something from home can help you feel a bit more settled. 


Get crafty!

Photo by Nielsen Ramon on Unsplash

Good at making things or have some free time? There are loads of DIY tutorials and IKEA hacks on the internet and Pinterest, if you want to handmake some accessories for your new home. 

Once you’ve unpacked everything, you can feel a little bit lost and overwhelmed with the idea that you’re actually at university. Getting on with decorating can help with settling in. Make sure you also check the rules of your accommodation; you don’t want to get into trouble for using Blu Tack on the walls!

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