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How to make the most of your open day



So, it’s time for you to make a big decision. Which university should you go to? It can be really daunting, especially as the deadline creeps up on you really quickly! University open days and tours can really help you in making that choice, but what questions should you be asking?

  • Questions about the course

Each course at each university is going to be different. There are going to be different modules, opportunities and ways that you’re going to be assessed, so make sure you ask questions about this! What grades do you need to get onto the course, how many places are on the course, what is worth knowing before starting the course? Talk to the lecturers and ask them how their lessons are run. These questions will help you to understand what will be expected of you when start and what you can expect from the university, so it’s important to ask them so that you can be prepared.

  • Questions about the accommodation

Make sure you look at the accommodation if you’re going to be living there. Often, this will be the final point in making your choice, so it’s important that you really know about what you can expect from it. Questions about the Wi-Fi, laundry and security are all little things that will help you know if it’s the place for you. Most accommodations also host social events every once in a while, so make sure you ask about those as well. There will be other accommodation options, so ask about those and see what will be best for you. Don’t make your decision based on only one accommodation option.

  • Questions to current students

There’ll always be student ambassadors walking around the uni, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. They’re the best people to ask because they have the experience. If you can find someone doing your course or a similar course, even better! How do they find the workload? How many hours are they in classes? How much work are they expected to do outside of class? What are the lecturers like? These can give you another idea of what will be expected of you and what you can expect from the university. Make sure you also find out about the facilities they use and how good they are. You will need social spaces and study areas during your time at uni, so you’ll want to know about these.

  • Questions about everyday costs

University is going to be the time that you learn to budget. But starting with some idea of how much you will be spending will put you in a good position. Ask current students about what things they have to buy in a week, the cheapest way to shop, and what things they were surprised about or forgot to buy. This can put you in a better place when you start uni and help you to manage your finances from the start.

Make sure that you enjoy your uni tour, and get a feel for the place. Ask as many questions as you need to; that’s what the open days are for! At the end of the day, you should be in a better place to know what you want to do and where you want to go.

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