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How to make the most of the longer days


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The clocks will be going forward soon and that means we can start enjoying some longer days and hopefully warmer weather. We have to make the most of it, the short, cold, winter days are always more difficult. I’m really appreciating at the moment all the time we have in the evening and look forward to more time spent sitting outside bars in the evening with my friends. Here’s some ways you can make the most of the longer days.

Watch the sunrise

With the longer days, it’s worth watching the sun come up and spending some time by yourself focusing on your wellbeing. It might mean you getting up a bit earlier, but doing this every so often, especially around stressful times like deadlines can be great for your mental health. Take your breakfast with you, go for a jog or just sit on a park bench.

Spend more time outside

Going to the beach, taking the kids to the park or just walking to places rather than driving, spend more time outside. Soak up the sun while you can and enjoy all the scenery around you. Rather than spending your evenings watching TV, sit in the garden and read. Take dinner outside (we used to do breakfast outside, but I usually get up too late for that now!).

Get back in touch with friends

I always find I do a lot less with my friends in the winter months. I’m always so much more tired and more than ready to curl up on the sofa with a good boxset. Maybe there’s some friends you haven’t seen in a few months that you can get a drink with? Everyone is always so much more open to meeting up in the warmer months, so get a group together and have a meal out or even just spend a Saturday afternoon in the park.


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