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How I maintain a work, study, life balance



People sometimes ask me how I maintain a work, study life balance. I work two jobs, I’m an SU Officer, plus I study full time. Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain that balance, but even around deadlines, you need to make some time for yourself. Here’s a few things that I do to make sure I keep that healthy balance as much as possible.

Have a diary

A diary or calendar does a lot for you to balance out your time. A visual idea of how much time you have to yourself in a day will help you to see if you’re taking on a bit too much. It’s also good for making sure you don’t double book yourself! 

Have days off

I try to keep everything I do for weekdays: Monday to Friday. That gives me the weekend to really relax (not even studying) so that I have two stress free days. Sometimes, around deadlines, that’s not so easy to stick to, but even just having one free day a week does so much for your mental health.

Stick to the time you have

Don’t go working into the early hours of the morning. Think about what time you usually go to bed, and stop doing things an hour or two beforehand. That way, you’ll have time for your body to relax before going to sleep. If you find you are working until 1am, it might be that you have to cut back a bit. Remember that while you’re at uni, your main priority is your study rather than your job, so consider cutting back on your work hours, especially around deadlines.

Use the resources available

If you’re not sure how you can make time for yourself, think about trying out a new hobby. Try out a social sport session (I found these were great for taking an hour or two break) or join a society. These are great places to meet new people and to take a bit of a break from everything. 

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