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How I’m celebrating Christmas



It’s scary to think that the Christmas break is almost here. That means I’ll officially be halfway through my final year of uni! With that in mind, I’m also planning on enjoying the Christmas break, although it will be super busy. I’ll be rocking up an impressive 2,000 miles of travel over two weeks of celebrations with friends and family.

I’ve decided to give myself the same two weeks off as my younger brother and sister. They’ll be taking their time from school and I’ll be giving myself a break from work and my dissertation to spend as much time as I can catching up with everyone.

I’ll be starting off my Christmas holidays back at home in Brighton. Unfortunately, I’ll only be there for about five days, so I’ve got to make the most out of it. I’ll be meeting up with my old friends from school, and that will most likely involve a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping. I’m very glad we’ll be spending Christmas at home, so we’ll be dusting off the board games from last year and becoming very competitive with who wins.

On Boxing Day, we’ll begin our journey to Germany to spend New Year with my sister and her husband. My parents usually drive, but it’s a long car journey, so I’ll be flying out and meeting them there. I’m really looking forward to spending New Year’s in Germany, as I’ve never experienced it. I’ve heard they have some impressive firework displays, so I’ll be watching out for that. I’ll be able to take the chance to see some family and friends there in our six-day visit.

When we get back, there’s still some time to go and visit friends and family. We’ll be going to see my grandparents up in London and I’ll probably spend some time with more friends going ice-skating and of course, some New Years sale shopping.

Once my two weeks off are over, it will be back to normal in Ipswich. I’ll be back at work and getting on with my dissertation. Hopefully, I’ll be refreshed and ready to face the next (and last!) semester.


Image by monicore from Pixabay 

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