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How to Have A Sustainable Christmas


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Our planet has a finite number of resources and it is dwindling quickly. This world’s health is suffering from the greenhouse gases we emit. We only have one Earth and we need to save it. First, we should to start looking at our own lives and seeing what impact we have on the world: the purchases we make, the companies we support and the way we live our daily lives. Then we act, start making permanent changes to become more sustainable. But its not just about the daily changes in our lives, holidays are one of the biggest waste producers of the year when they could easily be more sustainable. Every Christmas the amount of waste produced in the UK increased by 30%.

So here are 10 helpful tips this Christmas to be eco-friendly and sustainable:

  1. Re-use and save everything.  
  • Christmas crackers can be reused for decorations.
  • Wrapping paper (if opened carefully) can be reused.
  • Christmas cards, you can cut them in half and reuse the empty side of the card next year.
  1. Reduce your food waste.

Christmas is a time for family, friends and of course… amazing food. But, you need be realistic about what you buy. Do you really need to buy two packs of dips for crisps, or can you make some of your own? What about quality street, celebrations and roses, maybe reduce it to one tub?

  1. Buy food from local farms and markets.

Rather than buying from huge supermarkets that contribute to a massive amount of waste every year, start supporting your local farmers.

  1. Buy gifts to encourage sustainability with family and friends.

A reusable bamboo coffee cup or reusable makeup wipes are great gifts to buy, if you can’t find any look for plastic-free gifts.

  1. Wrap gifts with recycled paper or fabrics.

Presents are hidden with gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbons. Even when you shop online throughout the year, you get wrapping paper, boxes and fabrics. Each of these you receive every year can be reused for the next.

  1. Invest in a reusable advent calendar.

If you buy boxes of chocolates every year, you don’t need to buy advent calendars wrapped in plastic. Buy a reusable wooden calendar and place chocolates in them before December.

  1. Donate money to charity instead of buying Christmas cards.

Post on social media that instead of buying Christmas cards this year, you will be donating money to charity. Or if you want to send cards, find forest-friendly Christmas cards.

  1. Buy eco-friendly Christmas crackers.

Christmas crackers are great fun every year, but definitely a huge waste of tiny plastic or metal toys you throw away. So, find some eco-friendly or even reusable crackers instead.

  1. Buy a real Christmas tree from a local tree farm.

Artificial trees are not sustainable, in fact, it would take 20 years of use for it to be considered a green choice. However, buying from local tree farms are much more sustainable. However, if you can’t afford a real tree every year, look for investing in a wooden tree instead.

  1. Rethink your decorations.

Look for eco-friendly sustainable options made from brass, wood or glass. Or you can make your own decorations from fabrics you’ve collected throughout the year.



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