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How to get over the post-Christmas blues



The first few weeks after Christmas and New Year can be a bit tough as you get back into the routine of work, uni, and family life. It’s easy to feel a bit flat after the festive period, especially now that it’s time to go back to work. That’s OK, here’s a few things you can do to help you get through the post-Christmas blues.


Work on your New Year’s resolutions

With the post-Christmas blues, it’s easy to give up on your New Year’s resolutions quickly. Making yourself easy-to-reach goals makes it much easier to stick to those resolutions and will help to motivate you. So if you’re choosing to get into shape, start with an easy, fun workout routine.

Start a new hobby

Finding something new to do in the New Year will make you feel much better, and might even set you up with a hobby for life. Whether it’s joining a sports group, reading a new book, or doing something creative, find a new activity that you enjoy to combat those January blues.

Have a clear out

This is a big one after Christmas! Having the decorations still up will make you feel those blues even more, so getting them down is a start to getting back to normal again. At the same time, have a bit of clear out of all the clutter that’s lying around, especially all the things you don’t need from last semester. Having a clear space and mind will help you out when you start your studies again.

Be social

Most of us will be feeling those post-Christmas blues, so it’s a good idea to get together with your friends and course mates to help each other through it. Whether it’s going out for a coffee or a trip to the cinema, it’s always good to be social and pick each other up after Christmas.


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